About Us


How It All Started ... 55 years ago.

 You are getting a sneak peak at an incredible  property.  A 400 acre site (bordered by another 1200 acres of County and  Forest land), carved out by the glaciers and turned into a private  piece of paradise - a family compound, nature preserve and virtual park  (with miles of mowed trails in the Summer and X-Country trails in the  Winter) founded by Doc & Dee Meyer, of Medford.

Now, you can become a part of this stewardship through The TrailFarm Conservancy Association. 


The TrailFarm Conservancy Association

 Each new "Owner" and/or "Associate" will become a  member of The TFCA through a one-time Membership Fee and/or Special  Assessment - along with normal monthly association dues.
The TFCA  will be professionally managed and operated by TrailFarm Ltd. - to  insure the ongoing stewardship, development, funding and continuity of  the entire TrailFarm property.
And, following sound association  managment principles, a capital reserve fund will also be established -  creating the financial framework for keeping the entire property,  facilities and amenities as expected. 


Lease/Rental Properties

 The A-Frame is what you'd probably build for yourself - or live in while you do.
Property is completely furnished - including kichen, appliances, bedding and linen.
See "A-Frame" under "The Sites of TrailFarm" for more info/pictures. 


Private Association Pre-Sales: Cabin, RV and Camping Sites

 Phase 1:
1) 4 Cabin sites - land
2) 6 Cabin sites - water
3) 3 RV sites - water
4) Addn'l Camp sites - 1 acre minimum